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We know that lighting design can make or break a property

Get it right and you bask in the warm glow of stylish lighting that serves its purpose without you even noticing it; get it wrong and you’ll have to cope with headaches, glare on your TV screens and outdated fixtures and fittings which stand out for all the wrong reasons. That’s why at rumavsolutions we’re devoted to designing and installing lighting systems that perfectly complement the interior and exterior of your home. The best lighting designs blend seamlessly into the space, so we tackle each room individually to allow you to create ambiance, enhance experiences and shape the perfect atmosphere, whether you’re watching a movie, relaxing in the tub or catching up on work in the study.


Motorized shades are a clever way to save money and the environment, RUM Solutions designs and installs easy to use automated shading system that work using the environment to heat or cool your room by either blocking or allowing in the sun, Control is easy using handheld remotes, mobile phone apps and ALEXA whether you are home or away, Control can be as granular or general as you require with a whole house dawn to dusk system or each room withits own scheduled behavior depending on your requirements.

We help to make this all as simple as possible by handling everything from lighting design to installation, and we will integrate your lighting control system with your phone, laptop, or even your TV. Engraved buttons come as standard so you know exactly which button does what, and there is also an iPad App that will let you make adjustments to your lighting setup on the fly and bypass a programmer – saving you money as well as energy. Now that is a bright idea

" I was totally satisfied. Super professional and flexible and nice. I would recommend them to anyone "

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